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Skoda Octavia airbags ran smoothly when it hit a hard hole. The owner of this car revealed the details of this incident at the BHP Group meeting. You have a hard time getting insurance coverage. With high safety standards and facilities, Octavia is one of the most popular products from Skoda.

The owner of Octavia’s car said that the car crashed into a hole one evening. A tooth is caused by the impact on the left rear alloy, and the electrical system in the car somehow interprets it as an accidental shock, causing airbags on the left side. Both the front windshield and the curtain side air bag are included.

Skoda confirms that the air bags have moved due to the impact on the alloy the next day. In addition, this information was sent to the insurance company, but the claim was denied within 20 minutes. The insurance company cited an electrical fault as the reason for the operation of the air bag, instead of the accident, and refused to cover.

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In a strange twist of events, Skoda provided an official statement confirming that the accident was caused by vehicles hitting a pothole. Damages to the rear axle and home motors still deny the claim. If there are no other parties, the owner has the power to bear the costs of damages from his own pocket, which goes to the user’s court later.

The owner recommended the car for zero reduction when the car was purchased in 2019.


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