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Indian Passengers From Ukraine Can Return Via Qatar: Government

Ukrainian airspace closed due to Russian military offensive. (Representation)

New Delhi:

The airline said on Thursday that Indian passengers from Ukraine could return through Qatar, with airline experts saying that civilian flights would resume from Ukraine only when its airport was open. . Currently 20,000 Indians, mostly students, are stranded in Ukraine.

Since the Ukrainian airport was closed due to a Russian military strike, it is currently unclear how they will travel from Ukraine to Qatar to pick up Qatar-India flights, which operate normally.

Eastern European authorities issued a NOTAM (notice to air traffic controllers) on Thursday morning stating that civilian flights within Ukraine were “restricted due to the increased risk of civil aviation”.

The Indian Foreign Ministry in Qatar said on Twitter, “The Government of India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has allowed travelers to travel by flying under the India-Qatar double-lane flight system.”

This means that travelers coming from Ukraine to Qatar will be able to board flights operating between Qatar and India.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by the NDTV staff and is published from an integrated feed.)

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