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Indian-Origin Lawyer In Singapore Says Judges Biased, Faces Contempt Of Court

M Ravi will face contempt of court after the applications by the Attorney-General. (Representation)


An Indian-born lawyer in Singapore is facing contempt of court for harassing judges during proceedings and accusing them of being biased.

Ravi Madasamy, better known as M Ravi, will face contempt of court after appeals for submissions were made by Attorney-General Lucien Wong, the Attorney General’s Office (AGC) said in Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Mr Ravi said he was not surprised by the materials, and that he would speak to the court on the reasons for his behavior, Channel News Asia reported.

The allegations relate to Mr. Ravi’s conduct during two separate court proceedings before the Supreme Court and the State Courts in November 2021.

The Attorney-General’s position is that the lawyer “acted in a derogatory manner by the courts” in two cases, the AGC said.

This includes “making baseless allegations of bias against judges” and “constantly obstructing judges during proceedings,” he said.

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