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Indian Man Arrested In Singapore For Corruption Workers -by Ecork

The man admits that he spoke words with the intention of harming a man’s natural feelings.


A Singaporean citizen, the offender was also described by the prosecution as someone who had “progress to keep workers at risk”, has returned after bars for six weeks after selling ridiculous insults to others in the three separate events last year.

Peethambaran Dilip, 69, was sentenced on Wednesday to six weeks in prison on two counts of assault. The Singaporean also admits to a reading of words with a deliberate intention to hurt a man’s natural feelings.

On Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General Tan Zhi Hao said, “(Peethambaran) has increased its misuse in the current case to add to the racist insults. This should be done with great care, for the need to maintain human unity in Singapore. ” The court heard that Peethambaran went to Clementi’s public library at a construction site on June 9 last year, opened a trash can and spat into it. A clean-up who found out he was doing so reported the case to the library administration, according to a report by The Straits Times.

Librarian Keith Lim near Peethambaran advised him not to spit in the dust because it was a careless act, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unsatisfied, Peethambaran began to insult Lim and ridiculed him.

The assailant also struck on July 22 last year when he went to a hospital in Marine Parade (another property) to refill his medication.

Cheok patient service partner Lay Yean manages a health care center there when Peethambaran comes forward, throws his queue ticket on a counter and utters insulting words to him.

The DPP said, “Cheok told the plaintiff to stop, but he did not … The plaintiff knew the staff at the polyclinic because he had been with the polyclinic staff in the past.” Peethambaran returned to the polyclinic on October 15 last year and went to a pharmacy, where pharmacist Russell Lim asked him if he was taking his medication.

DPP Tan told the court, “The plaintiff did not respond in the first place, but when Russell repeated his question, the plaintiff made statements to the effect that, ‘Of course, I am here to take my medicine. If not so, what am I here for? ‘”Peethambaran also directed a mock slur in Lim before leaving the premises. Police were notified the next day.

These are not his first sins. Without disclosing any details, the DPP said Peethambaran committed a criminal threat in 2005.

In 2017, he was also sentenced to six weeks in prison for attacking a bus driver.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor urged District Judge Jasbendar Kaur to sentence Peethambaran to a minimum of six weeks’ imprisonment, adding,

“A general injunction is contrary to the judicial opinion, granting that the plaintiff committed offenses against frontline health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in at least two separate cases.” For making statements with intent to harm another human being, the offender could be sentenced to three years in prison and fined.

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