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Indian In Singapore Bites Off Colleague’s Finger In Drunken Brawl, Jailed

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison after being convicted. (Representative photo)


A 31-year-old Indian man has been sentenced to 10 months in prison after pleading guilty to causing serious bodily harm by stealing the tip of his fellow pinky finger during a fight.

Logan Govindaraj broke part of his 42-year-old citizen Muthu Selvam in his left little finger which was later found at the scene. However, a doctor, who went to Mr Selvam, could no longer point to his hand, The Straits Times reported.

At 4.30 pm on February 6, 2020, Mr. Govindaraj joined Mr Selvam and another staff member, who was playing music and drinking, in a car parked near their residence on a company property in Kranji Crescent on the west coast of Singapore.

The court heard that Govindaraj drank at least three cups of beer.

While drinking, Mr. Govindaraj confronted Mr. Selvam and falsely accused him of sleeping with other workers in their residence. After the two left the truck, Mr. Govindaraj shouted, grabbed Mr Selvam, and drove him off the road while placing his left hand on his chest.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Melissa Lee told the court, “The plaintiff bit Pinky’s left hand knowing it was likely to cause him serious injury.” Selvam, a bloodthirsty man, retaliated by beating Govindaraj on the head and holding on to his clothes.

When he realized that his fingertips were missing, Selvam went to clean up and asked his colleagues to call an ambulance. He was taken to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

For voluntarily causing serious injury, the offender could be imprisoned for up to 10 years and be fined or fined.

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