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Indian Eatery in Kyiv Turns Bomb Shelter, Provides Meals to 70 People

People from Ukraine disembark by car as they arrive at a refugee camp in Hungary. (Photo courtesy: Reuters)

Saathiya restaurant owner Manish Dave said the restaurant has become a bomb shelter of its kind as it is in the basement of Chokolivs’kyi Boulevard.

An Indian restaurant in Kyiv has turned into a safe haven for Indian students and Ukrainian citizens amid the Russian attack. The Times of India reported that the owner had given at least 70 people shelter since the attack began. Saathiya restaurant owner Manish Dave says the restaurant has become a bomb shelter similar to the one in Chokolivs’kyi Boulevard. Ukrainians are also flocking to restaurants in hopes of finding refuge, Dave said, adding that. It has been providing food for all. Before the war, the Saathiya restaurant in Ukraine was a popular destination among Indian students in the country.

An Indian student told the Times of India on February 26 that the restaurant “was home from home” for him in the country where the fighting took place. Previously, he would go to a restaurant for Indian food. After the Russian invasion began, he received a call from Dave and moved to Saathiya immediately, he was trapped in his hostel but tensions were mounting over how public places like that would be safe from the wind attack.

One day, Dave offers biryani chicken to the protected at his restaurant. But fears are rising about how long food stocks will last. “We have kept the treasure of the portion he left with us. Now we have rice and flour to last 4-5 days, but we need to buy vegetables and other things. There are restrictions on moving between 10 pm and 7 am, “Dave was quoted as saying. This is February 26th.

During the Russia-Ukraine war, many civilians rose up in different directions. A Ukrainian brewery has transformed from beer to Molotov cocktails, transforming its bottling material into an oil bomb factory churning out Molotov cocktails to be launched in Russian tanks. The Pravda brewery is located in Lyiv, Ukraine and uses bottles for Molotovs. The bottles read “Putin Huilo” which means slur attached with the name of the Russian president. Molotov cocktails are made for the use of Ukrainian self-defense forces, the Telegraph UK reports. According to Juri Zastavniy, Pravda’s manager, for the War, there were not many people drinking alcohol at this venue anyway. to do so.

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