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India will have its first question gate, Electric Power charging services. Hopcharge, a startup providing these services has begun its operations across Gurgaon following successful driving operations in parts of the city. Hopcharge hopes to help move beyond other major cities in the coming months.

The startup addresses the challenges of lack of availability of charging equipment, slow charging at home and production time in power to charge the vehicles by carrying out its Indian-made counterparts, patent, technology fast charging modular and mobile charging infrastructure that increases the grid area. , upgrade expensive grid and save production time for EV owners.

The startup provides a virtual power cloud for EV owners that synchronizes with the grid to balance supply and demand of power in time and space distributed. Users can take advantage of the service via an Android / iOS application supported by a power-back-end control system to run end-to-end process and support all EV models worldwide.

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Commenting on the launch, Arjun Singh, Co-Founder and Co-Founder at Hopcharge, said, “Hopcharge has been created as a plug and running high speed charging network anytime anytime anywhere in the city. EV users instead of the other way around, it releases the user Ev while the EV is charged, including saving them the hassle of loading, installing, and maintaining it. Early response from EV owners has been strong. ”

Hopcharge offers a wide range of promotional and subscription templates such as HopechargeX or Hopcharge Xpresso, through which customers can subscribe to billing requirements. These subscription models are an uniquely designed environment around the needs of multiple customers. Hopcharge patent technology also ensures healthy battery life to reduce the overall cost of ownership and 0 reduction times or loss of production hours of customers.

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