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The Hyderabad Traffic Police Department on February 23, announced a one-time discount / contract for citizens of challan pending.

In a press release, the traffic police department said the decision was made as a ‘humanitarian manipulation’ as citizens faced economic hardships due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to sources, 85 percent of the challans belong to two-wheelers, which belong to the middle and lower classes of society.

The publication proposes the following discounts based on the type of vehicle:


If you pay 25 percent of the challan, the remaining 75 percent of the challan you are about to get rid of.

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Pushcarts and small retailers (39b cases)

If 20 percent is paid, the remaining 80 percent will be deducted.

Light vehicles (LMVs), cars, jeeps, and heavy vehicles

If 50 percent is paid, then the remaining 50 will be deducted.

For Transport Corporation (RTC) road drivers.

If you pay 30 percent, the remaining 70 percent will be deducted.

According to official sources, payments should be made through an online location. The application can be used between March 1, and March 31.

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