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How the Mental Health of Video Game Players Can Be Protected

Independent research by the Mental Health Center offers advice to video game publishers and artists on how best to keep artists healthy. According to its report, the video game industry has great potential as a source of benefits for mental health. Can video games have a positive effect on mental health? Well, that’s an independent trial by the Health Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, seems to be over. Twenty-four British adults aged 18 to 60 were followed for 3 weeks. Through “daily game recordings,” artists describe the many benefits of playing on a console or PC for their mental health. In addition to allowing artists in the world to relax, unwind, reduce anxiety and meet people, video games also allow artists to express themselves. creativity is a healthy approach.

However not everything is rosy in the land of the actors, because the feelings of frustration, anger and hurtful behavior of other actors affect other important aspects of their lives, including self-care. According to the study, one of the negative emotions found among actors is the lack of control. They sometimes play longer than they should or automatically continue without really knowing why. By maintaining their moods daily after a video game session, participants noticed a significant correlation between the game and their moods.

Positive differences in the lives of actors

Such knowledge may help them to better understand their interest in video games, but also the challenges they face in their culture. The Mental Health Foundation recommends that athletes always think about their game to maintain its status as a positive element within their lives. The simple fact that an athlete notices that it can affect their mental status is an important step towards adopting healthier behaviors.

To ensure that games can use the games for a boost to their mental health, decide the foundation we take their message directly to video game publishers and developers. While they also need to improve the balance of substance abuse and ensure that games and industry are more proactive and representative of the population, they can also seek direct mental health support in games. The Mental Health Foundation tells publishers: “Actors are asking you to do more: not because you have to do it, but because you have the space and the ability to make a positive difference in their lives.” “The company has great potential to act as a good source of help in promoting mental health,” the report explained.

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