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Horrifying Footage Shows Cyclist Hit by Bomb Explosion

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine progressed, videos and cartoons were circulating on the Internet. The evacuation is ongoing as the territories of Ukraine are under the radar of Russian weapons, making it very safe for civilians to stay there. Dozens of videos have come out showing the war killing Ukraine in flames. Another comforting video of the spine has recently come out of Ukraine, which shows an explosive beating on the ground, and with it, a cyclist passing by. The monster clip was captured on CCTV and showed the passer-by riding a bicycle due to a blow caused by the explosion.

The place also has a few cars parked somewhere. The cyclist enters the frame, and a few seconds later, a bright flash of orange light appears, and, in the background, the cyclist is seen being thrown off due to the explosion. When the flashlight turned on, we saw the rider lying on the ground, and he seemed to be very injured because he could not get up.

See the amazing picture here:

The hair raising clip, since its inception, has collected more than 20 lakh horns. Networks are having a hard time managing events happening in Ukraine since Russia attacked several cities, including Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

According to reports, more than 1 lakh Ukrainians crossed the border to reach Poland, while Russian troops marched unhindered. Many sites have lost internet connection and have had a significant impact in some areas. Russia has declared war on Russia despite several attempts by international powers to overthrow President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, according to the latest developments in the Russia-Ukraine situation, 219 Indians are on their way to Mumbai from Romania on the first departure flight.

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