Honda Activa 6G Features & Specifications 2021

Honda Activa 6G Features & Specifications 2021


Hey Everyone Are You Looking for Activa 6g features then you have landed at the right place where you will get every detail regarding Activa 6g features. Almost two decades ago, when the Honda Activa made its debut, it saved scooters from extinction.

The Activa 6g features have become so popular that when asked about scooters, the first thing people think about is the name.

Over two lakh units sold consistently every month for years is no small feat. On many occasions, this two-wheeler was even the country’s highest seller. As a result of its sheer brand recall, the Activa is pretty much a household name in India. 

Activa is the people’s champion when it comes to scooters, but we’d hesitate to call it the best scooter in its segment. Its most recent attempt to make some needed improvements while complying with upcoming BS6 emission standards is the Honda Activa 6G. 

It’s finally here, the new Honda Activa 6G, and it’s loaded with new features that make it an exciting package. In addition to cosmetic changes, the Activa 6G features a number of technical ones.

The price of the product has also increased. Each new aspect of the scooter is explained in detail below.  A special Golden Emblem is included with this Activa 6G Anniversary Edition. 

ACG starters eliminate the noise associated with gear meshing and allow the Activa 6G to operate silently. In addition, maintenance is reduced.

The Honda Activa 6G is now available at a new price

In addition to the Standard and Deluxe versions, the Activa 6G comes in two variants. The Activa 6G Standard costs Rs 7,978 more than the 5G equivalent “ex-showroom, Delhi”. 

A premium of Rs 7,613 has been added to the price of Activa 6G Deluxe over Activa 5G Deluxe “ex-showroom, Delhi”.

The Honda Activa 6G is equipped with a new engine.

In addition to the 109.51 ccs, fan-cooled, 4-stroke, SI Honda Activa 6G engine with sensor-based advanced PGM-Fi system, the new bike is BS6-compliant. 

There has, however, been a drop in the numbers for power and torque, which remain at 7.79 horsepower and 8.79 Nm, respectively. 

ACG starter motors are patented and ensure silent starting, remove gear meshing and engagement noise, and meet low maintenance requirements. It has the same 10 percent improvement in mileage as the previous model.

Activa 6G Design 

There is somewhat of an aesthetic conservatism among mass-market two-wheelers in India. A classic example is the Honda Activa and the Hero Splendor. 

Although their designs have been relatively similar, both brands have amassed incredibly consistent sales numbers and are undisputed leaders in their respective segments. 

These conservative customers might not remember a brand if they see drastic changes to its design.

A formula that has worked so well for so many years and continues to work even today is not to be tampered with. Consequently, it is typically only minor updates that are made.

Honda’s Activa 6G features a more pronounced crease that flows into its front fender at the lower portion of the apron. 

There is no split slit on the side of the body panel for ventilation. A new external fuel filler makes the rear of the car look wider and the rear lamp more pronounced.

Updated Technical Specifications for Honda Activa 6G 

The suspension department represents the major change in technical specifications. A spring-loaded hydraulic system is found in Activa 5G. Its telescopic front forks and 3-step rear hydraulics can be adjusted in three steps. 

Also in the new Activa 6G, the front wheels are now 12 inches instead of 10 inches as in the Activa 5G. The wheel size on the back is still 10 inches on both scooters. There is a 23 mm increase in floor space, and a 22 mm increase in wheelbase, in the Activa 6G.

New features of the Honda Activa 6G

As for the new features of the Honda Activa 6G, the scooter now has an LED DC headlamp. Additionally, there are switches for stopping and starting the engine. It is now positioned externally, rather than under the seat. 

Under the seat storage and the external fuel, lids are now accessible via a multifunction switch.

New Color for Honda Activa 6G 

New to the Activa 6G is a new paint scheme called Glitter Blue Metallic. In addition to Pearl Spartan Red, Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Black, and Pearl Precious White, Matte Axis Grey Metallic is another option.

Activa 6G brakes and handles well.

Considering the 12-inch front wheel, high-speed stability is commendable as well (although hitting high speeds does take forever). In addition, the front brake has a faint trace of weakness. 

However, the 10-inch steel wheel of the rear drum makes the drum work extremely well. 

There’s no front disc on Honda. While it’s disappointing, it makes sense given that alloy wheels don’t have disc mounting points, so it would require alloys to fit into the disc brake assembly.

The CBS is quite effective, as usual. Adjustment screws will need to be tightened regularly, though. MRF’s 90-section tires have adequate grip. In addition, the 162mm ground clearance means you won’t have to worry about scraping the underbody.


How does Activa 6G differ from the previous version?

Additionally, there are switches for stopping and starting the engine. It is now positioned externally, rather than under the seat. The under-seat storage space and the fuel lid are now accessible via a multi-function switch.

What makes Activa 6G unique?

A special Golden Emblem is included with this Activa 6G Anniversary Edition. ACG starters enable Activa 6G to start the engine silently by removing the gear meshing noise

Is Activa 6G suitable for daily use?

For short-distance rides, this scooter has good performance as well as mileage. I get nearly 43 miles on it and design-wise it is both simple and nice and not too sporty or classy.

Is Activa 6G silent when it starts?

The new Activa 6G is equipped with the global acclaimed ESP technology, which gives your device a silent start. As a result of its ACG Starter Motor, gear meshing and gear engagement noises are eliminated.

Activa 6G has a telescopic fork and a very refined motor. In addition, the fuel can be filled externally. For a daily ride, Honda Activa 6G is the best option in all scooter ranges.

With seating and suspension, the car is easy to handle and comfortable to ride. After even riding a 500 km bike.  Its looks are very simple as well as stylish with an elegant matte finish, I loved its macho style and smooth performance.

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