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Homeless Woman in US Gets Job, Laptop From Stranger After Sharing Struggles on TikTok

After losing her job without a place to live either, Courtney sank in despair and was forced to take to the streets. However, in the manifestation of the heart, a woman is not only given a job but also new hopes. According to a report by The Mirror, Courtney publicly shared her frustrations via videos on her TikTok account. The 27-year-old, who lives in New York City, said he and his co-worker lost their jobs the same week. With no place to live, Courtney and her co-worker first moved in with her sister but then they were forced into the streets because things did not work out well. Unfortunately, the couple slept in the parks while looking for accommodation. However, they need to have a job as a condition to apply for the residence.

As Courtney did not hesitate in sharing her struggles of being homeless through videos, her efforts finally paid off after New Yorker Chelsey Brown came in to help her. Chelsey, known as the ‘Heirloom hunter’ is working diligently to reunite people with their long-lost family heirs.

Carried by the story of Courtney, Chelsey, 28, gave her a laptop in the hope that it would help her career. “I know people tend to send money or offers, but I want to send space to something static,” Chelsey said. He also said he started following Courtney’s story and “could not help but feel compelled to help.”

However, Chelsey did not stay here, because a few weeks later she thought of roping at someone for her heirloom project. For Chelsey, Courtney turned out to be the right fit after she was hired as an independent writer for her blog posts.

Delighted by the happy ending, Courtney reported sharing news on her TikTok account where she also unveiled her new laptop.

Chelsey later shared that Courtney now wrote blog posts on amazing stories about the heir she found and managed to return. It also shows that Courtney is doing a great job and she hopes to continue working with him.

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