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Heroic Dad Uses Own Body to Shield Son From Raging Bull at Texas Rodeo

Cody, riding a bull, collapsed shortly after entering the arena. (Credit: Instagram / @ cody_hooks)

Landis Hooks jumped into the ring to get his 18-year-old bull-rider.

Parents can do much to protect their children, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way. The recently released video also illustrates the feeling of a father protecting his child from an angry bull, riding a bicycle while riding in Texas. On Instagram, Cowboy Cody Hooks posted a video of himself and his father. Cody, riding a bull, collapsed shortly after entering the arena. That was his father, 40-year-old Landis Hooks, jumping into the ring to get his 18-year-old bull. By placing himself around his calf, he protects Cody from a killing bull. She even got a stroke from a bull while protecting her baby. The crowd could be heard roaring in surprise but Landis kept himself firmly down while the bull went about its destruction. Fortunately, both Cody and his father are doing well right now.

“I will do whatever I have to do for him,” Landis said in an interview with Good Morning America, according to the Daily Mail. “Where I come from, that is part of everyday cow life. If someone falls, you must help them. I’m glad I was there for him, “he continued. He also said that no one could stop him from trying to protect his son.

Cody later made it clear that he was aware of the dangers associated with bull riding. He says: “I keep thinking about that. “A lot of people don’t like to think about accidents that occur during bull riding, even after they’ve been.”

Since its release, the video has received more than two lakh views and readings. Landis has been praised by social media users for her courage in protecting her child. ” “Dad was a murderer. He is a lucky boy, ”an Instagram user wrote. Another user said Landis was a reminder that there are also good men. Another user said that pure love for her son gave Landy the ability to do just that.

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