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Although it is illegal in India, TikTok has grown rapidly to become one of the most important artists in the music industry, with a billion subscribers and ideas to change how musicians are discovered and rewarded.

Success stories such as Lil Nas X’s “Old City Road,” which went against TikTok and became the best US music of all time, showcased the power of a short video game.

Major brands, who initially feared that TikTokers were playing their music without permission, quickly realized they needed to join.

TikTok, on the other hand, has continued to create viral attractions that are changing the music scene.

The recent Frenzy for Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and Boney M’s “Rasputin” are examples of classic ringtones that have been rented over new life.

Meanwhile, ‘Let Us Make It Make It Happen’ ‘by Someshwar Mahadevan has been making a lot of noise on YouTube, in which his unique style is seen. Released a few months ago, this song has gained a lot of views on YouTube so far and the series of views is gradually increasing. Users respond very well to the song and praise this group number.

This new song by Someshwar Mahadevan has been released by a YouTube channel called USA Cube. Earlier, Mahadevan also launched a song titled ‘Ye Teri Sarzameen Song’ which is a national anthem sung by the 2021 Olympic medalists, the Indian Army veterans and Indian achievements.

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