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From its humble beginnings in 1985 through surprise and visionary leadership, the Kuber Group has grown today to become an inspiration for business leaders and business leaders in India and beyond. While its founder Mulchand Malu provides a solid foundation on which to stand, it is the exemplary power and acumen of Vikas Malu’s management that has given the company the direction, expansion and growth potential it witnessed over 30 years. pass.

From one product, the company now has at least 12 product awards and branding. That Vikas is a charismatic and resource planner and strategist is beyond doubt; What many find more impressive is his penchant for the influence of lifestyles. No wonder it has led Kuber Group to subsequent social responsibility activities (CSRs) in recent years – and more recently their COVID-19 response towards helping vulnerable people cope with the surprises of the pandemic.

The company practices sanitation in Sardarshahar, Rajasthan, and distributes food supplies for one month, which includes rice, flour, spices, pulses, oil, tea, ghee, and biscuits in several locations. states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh. Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi. They also have kitchens where anyone can come and eat for free. At the height of the pandemic in India when death rates increased significantly, many found it difficult to celebrate the last of their loved ones, mainly due to mobility restrictions. The Kuber team contributed by providing 100 buses for the mourners free of charge from Rajasthan to Haridwar.

The pandemic not only caused a health crisis, but also caused a severe humanitarian crisis as well in many parts of India, and worldwide. Even the country’s health system is weak. Vikas knew that more Kuber could do to not only help the victims, but to help government efforts to reduce the spread of the virus. The company provided a 50-room detention center in Sardarshahar and several ambulances to help fight COVID-19; donated money to the PM Cares Fund through the Tulsi Foundation; and offered many more contributions.

“The biggest initiative is to provide oxygen targets to citizens. An oxygen plant has been installed at our hotel – Kuber Kunj – to ensure there is no shortage of oxygen during the pandemic and in the future. We were able to arrange 40 air beds in the hotel for needy people. We also gave 50 oxygen concentrations of up to 10kg to the Churu of the Churu, ”said Vikas.

In addition, about 100 wheelchairs were donated to the needy and 50,000 to girls in Sardarshahar.

Everyone knows attention is important, but being clean in real life can be a challenge. In the workplace, employee well-being has taken center stage, and managers now have to plan for humanity after all their decisions. This also requires the ability to make decisions one by one.

“I have personally seen the importance of developing skills such as passion and the need to model and promote passion as a value throughout the organization. During these crises, we respond by offering recruitment efforts to people who have work experience but who have limited resources; supports more “door services” or stepping-stone positions that provide revenue promotion and by challenging their organizations to gain more proximity, a skill-based approach in hiring and managing talent. During the first quarter COVID-19, no staff was returned; in fact salaries are paid in full, ”Vikas said.

As a true and humane director, Vikas juggles business and social work with equal enthusiasm. Along with his work of analyzing marketplace products, writing new products and services, influencing user behaviors, and moving forward with change in times of uncertainty and disruptions, he is also striving to provide help desperately needing orphans, fighting the cause of society, or joining the fight against the deadly pandemic.

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