“He did not write …”: Avesh Khan on the role of Rahul Dravid in his 4-Wicket Haul vs South Africa -by Ecork

Indian pacer Avesh Khan felt pressure after going wicket-less in the first three games but said coach Rahul Dravid’s confidence in him had pushed him to come up with a winning performance in the fourth T20I. Avesh relied on hard rides to finish with four excellent performances for 18 in his international youth career. Despite losses in the first two games, India did not change a game of 11.

“The team has not changed over the next four games, so credit to Rahul (Dravid) sir. It gave everyone a chance and he decided to give them a long, long time,” Avesh said in a media briefing on Friday night.

“It doesn’t leave a player after one or two bad deeds because you can’t judge a player in the base of a game or two. Everyone gets matches enough to prove themselves.

“Yes, the pressure is on me. I had three wickets in three games but Rahul sir and team management gave me another chance today and I ended up taking four wickets. It was also my father’s birthday, so it was a gift for him too. “

The 25-year-old decided on his game plan to play football on what was a tricky field after chatting with Ishan Kishan.

“Whenever we fight first, I always end up asking the batters how the wicket sounds, whether it is double or not.

“I spoke to Ishan (Kishan) today and he said that long balls are not easy to play; some bouncing, some standing and others are small. Then I plan to attack the stumps and tubes of hard climbs. always.It’s up to me to dress well, not take wickets.

“Slow football is not very effective on today’s wicket, so I try to skip hard rides with the bouncer occasionally to change things.” India did well to reach 169 for six after a poor start, thanks to Dinesh Karthik’s best performance of 55 kills 27 balls.

“Today’s wicket is not easy for the batters, it is a double although DK bhai, Hardik and Rishabh all sounded good. 170 is a very good average on this wicket and all we want to make sure is choose the wickets two in powerplay. ”Avesh added.


Only six games old in the cricket world, the speed bumper from Indore is way down the pecking order and he gets his lives because the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami are not part of the series.

Asked about his plans to play for the T20 World Cup, he said: “The choice is not in my control, I just want to give 100 per cent of every game I get to play for India. I do not want to be frustrated if I cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. “

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