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Gujarati woman refers to the language used against PM Modi. Your Answer -by Ecork


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that people should continue doing their work instead of being disturbed by what people say.

“Let the people say whatever they want. We should continue to do our work,” Modi said during his conversation with 20 women near cattle at Sabar Dairy near the town of Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat.

The head of state said this in response to a woman’s comment that she was a pet and did not like it when some people used rude words against her.

She said, “Gujarati is the number one (state) today. But we don’t like it when someone uses rude words against you. We have seen your struggle to make Gujarat rise again after the 2001 earthquake. Like you even though people have labeled you as ‘chaiwala’ or ‘maut ka saudagar’, you continue to serve people.”

However, when Modi interrupted her that all she needed was people’s blessings to continue serving them, the women present at the event said their blessings were always with her.

The interaction with these women cowherds came after Modi inaugurated two plants of Sabar Dairy and held a virtual groundbreaking ceremony for the dairy’s upcoming cheese manufacturing unit.

During the interaction, some of the participants said that their family’s standard of living increased significantly thanks to the income they were getting after selling milk to Sabar Dairy.

One of the women said she earns Rs 63 lakh per year by selling milk for the dairy, while another woman said her family was able to buy a car, two-wheeler and a tractor from the income from selling milk. for him

Modi expressed happiness after most of these women farmers said that they are regularly receiving Kisan Samman Nidhi allocations from the government.

“I am grateful that you deposit Rs 2,000 every quarter. Till now, I have collected Rs 22,000 in 11 stages. This is enough to cover my own expenses and I no longer depend on my husband for meeting such expenses, ” woman

During the interaction, Modi expressed happiness that even educated youth and women are taking care of cattle. He also urged women to provide education for their daughters.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from an integrated feed.)

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