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New Delhi: When Indore-based EKI Energy Services chooses to roll out the BSE SME’s platform in March, with a low revenue of only 66 crore and a gross profit of 4.4 crore in 2019-20 is to be raised between 18.24 and 18.60 crore. Revenue in FY 2018 is only Rs 6 crore.

The 12-year-old company has decided to use IPO revenues to grow its weather management solutions in India and overseas, and set the price for an IPO at $ 100 to $ 102. July 4, 2021, with a market capitalization of 101.05 crores.

The company now says it has witnessed revenue growth of 189% year-over-year (YoY) to Rs 190 crores in FY 20-21.

In an interview with Zee News English, Manish Dabkara CMD & CEO of EKI Energy Services Ltd talked about the company’s humble start, its future plans, and much more.

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Ideas for businesses to adopt in order to be environmentally friendly and sustainable?

The weather has witnessed one of the worst impact from increasing industrial activity. Businesses – both large and small are causing this weather crisis with their emissions not being reduced or inconsistent with sustainable solutions. Today, adopting the best practices of the weather has become essential for every business. In fact, businesses should adopt weather forecasts and sustainable practices as part of primary business management and compliance management.

Businesses should plan for long-term ventures with short free time as well as long-term solutions to achieve these. For this, they should contact weather experts to design a well-defined process. Experts can help measure emissions and accordingly suggest an action plan to correct them. These ideas are a scientific model for effective results that can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute positively to green, sustainable writing tomorrow. With this, companies will also be developing long-term sustainable development for business success as they increase their productivity and generate business benefits.

We offer a wide range of end-to-end weather solutions that enable every business with strategic ideas to achieve their weather forecasts. Today we work with 2500+ companies across 40+ countries that allow them to advance their weather journey.

How can India achieve average river emissions?

India’s net commitment is a positive step towards climate change and will accelerate global warming to climate change. To this end, the government and the industry need to combine their efforts to reduce emissions levels effectively in the country. The government has to formulate policies and guidelines for climate change which should be adopted in anticipation by the industry sector.

Five-fold plan – Panchamrita’s of India will provide further access to the joint river trip with its proposals for enhanced use of renewable energy. If all parties are committed to a strong climate in their business and daily life, we can come together for a brighter future in line with the strong guidelines established by COP26.

How does EKI plan to educate companies on the importance of being clean?

Companies with a focus on weather and implementation are gaining a competitive edge while also increasing their productivity. As meteorologists we always recommend that the first step to green tomorrow is businesses that understand their weather responsibilities and adopt the best weather practices. In line with this, we focus deeply on the importance of branding on their impact on weather forecasting and their weather forecasting.

With a passion for making the world greener, companies are building on their carbon emissions and effective cost decisions they can take to reduce this. This is done through a host of platforms as well – training sessions and webinars. In addition, we drive mind control through our social media platforms. We also work with our existing customers to expand the scope of their weather forecast to achieve the highest scores.

How can personalized maps for businesses help a climate change war easier?

The first step for any business to succeed and thrive in the long run is to define their climate responsibilities as an integral part of their company management processes. Therefore, companies will be able to design a robust performance concept with which they can reduce their carbon footprint. As companies increase their energy efficiency and significantly reduce their emissions, they will contribute significantly to reducing and reversing the negative effects of climate change. If more companies take action on the weather, this means in particular to strong impacts towards reducing national emissions levels and therefore contributing to global climate change.

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EKI Energy Services Ltd. With a deep desire to contribute to the development of the Earth at its core, we offer strategic assignments and assignments to teams for their carbon asset management.

We have grown to become one of the leading companies in the field of climate change not only in India but internationally. From the organization that started this journey with a team of 5 people, we have grown today to a global team of 180+ professionals. Over the past 13+ years, the brand has grown to become the leading manufacturer & supplier of carbon credits worldwide. We are a global leader in offering the best-in-class fragrance climate solutions that enable companies to achieve their weather forecasts. We are the most trusted and cooperative climate partner wanted for 2500+ customers across 40+ countries.

The company reported revenue growth of 189% year-over-year (YoY) to Rs 190 crores in FY 20-21. Since then we have continued strong growth and reported total revenues of Rs. 1,325 crores for the 9 months ending December 31, 2021 with revenues of Rs 688 crores in Q3 FY 21-22. Today, we contribute about 90% to the total carbon credit exports from India and we have provided more than m 180million as of today.

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