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New Delhi: Gold prices today, March 3, stood around Rs 51,788 on the MCX, with a jump of about 1% behind the Russia-Ukraine war and increased oil prices.

Following the sharp rise, prices of yellow metal increased in all major cities in the country. For example, the price of gold is Rs 10,000 per 100 grams on Thursday (March 3), in all cities of the country, according to a report by Good Returns.

In Delhi, gold prices jumped by Rs 271 to Rs 51,670 per 10 grams in line with strong international steel prices and rupee reduction, according to HDFC Securities.

In the previous trading session on Thursday (March 2), the precious metal ended at Rs 51,399 per 10 grams. “Gold prices declined with spot gold prices in COMEX trading at USD 1,932 per ounce on Thursday,” told Tapan Patel, Senior Analyst (Markets), HDFC Securities, to PTI. Also Read: Do not share Aadhaar, details PAN without valid reasons, CBIC warns everyone of GST pyramid

On the other hand, the silver price also jumped by Rs 818 to Rs 68,425 per kg from Rs 67,607 per kg in the previous trade. Also Read: Jharkhand government tables on budget Rs 1 lakh crore for FY23

Gold Price Today, March 3:

City 22 Carat Gold 24 Carat Gold

Chennai Rs 48,800 Rs 53,240

Mumbai Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Delhi Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Kolkata Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Bangalore Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Haiderabadi Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Pune Rs 47,780 Rs 52,090

Ahmedabad Rs 47,750 Rs 52,090

Jaipur Rs 47,850 Rs 52,200

Oriire Rs 47,850 Rs 52,200

Coimbatore Rs 48,800 Rs 53,240

Madurai Rs 48,800 Rs 53,240

Patna Rs 47,780 Rs 52,090

Nagpur Rs 47.800 Rs 52.140

Chandigarh Rs 47,850 Rs 52,200

Suratu Rs 47, 750 Rs 52,090

Mangalore Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Visakhapatnam Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

Mysore Rs 47,700 Rs 52.040

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