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Ghaziabad Woman Stands on Fourth Floor Railing to Clean Window in Shocking Video

The sister was seen dropping window pads while standing on top of her without even wearing anything for safety. (Credits: Twitter / @ IamMitesh86)

A Ghaziabad sister went to an astonishing distance to clean windows that might have ended easily in a fatal accident.

Understandably, our daily activities generally become one and we always look for new ways to perform these tasks. However, a woman in Ghaziabad took this to a new level by cleaning the windows of her house when she hung it from the balcony of the fourth floor. The action of ‘high stakes sports’ is caught on camera and it is viral, with the internet not being able to determine whether it is bold or just indifferent. In the video, the woman, without care in the world, is seen cleaning the window pads while standing on top of her and without even knowing anything for security. It would have carried a little bit of injustice on its part and things would have taken a lethal change.

The video also shows a woman walking to the right to reach the window sills with her hand. The glass window frame appears to be made of low-strength aluminum that can be slippery at times and can lead to its sliding down at least 30 feet. According to ABP News, the woman in question is Shahidal who lives with her husband Mohammad Salim at Shipra Riviera Society, located in Indirapuram.

A sister named Shruti Thakur, who lives on the other side of the wall, filmed the video. When asked about his careless work, Shahidal said he was becoming a security network, although it did not appear in the video. He also said they had just moved into the apartment. One week ago, a video went viral where a woman let her son climb a bed from a 10th floor to get a run. The sister has retired from the Internet for endangering her baby’s life.

Another video has gone viral which shows a man trying to exercise a hold on the spot of his 12th floor balcony.

It was later learned that the man had a mental illness and RWA (Resident Welfare’s Association) had warned of the situation.

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