Former NSE Chief Chitra Ramkrishna Receives Rs 3.12 Crore Request From SEBI -by Ecork

SEBI on Tuesday sent a notice to former NSE director Chitra Ramkrishna

New Delhi:

The Securities and Exchange Commission of India (SEBI) on Tuesday sent a notice to former National Stock Exchange (NSE) Governor Chitra Ramkrishna asking him to pay Rs 3.12 crore in a case. related to government actions in the stock exchange, and warned of arrest and attachment of assets and bank accounts if it fails to repay the loan within 15 days.

The notice came after Sister Ramkrishna failed to pay the fine imposed on her by SEBI.

In an order dated March 11, SEBI struck a fine of Rs 3 crore on Ms Ramkrishna for alleged government misconduct in a case related to the appointment of Anand Subramanian as the Executive Director and Adviser while in NSE position like yours. Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer, as well as for sharing confidential information of the company with an anonymous person.

Besides the punishment of Ms Ramkrishna, SEBI has imposed a penalty on Ravi Narain, who was formerly Ms Ramkrishna, Mr Subramanian and others.

In its latest notice, SEBI has ordered Ms Ramkrishna to pay Rs 3.12 crore, which includes interest and recovery costs, within 15 days.

In the event of non-payment of compensation, the market manager will recover the value by linking and selling the movable and immovable property. Besides, Ms Ramkrishna faced attachment of her bank accounts and arrest.

Ramkrishna’s sister is currently in the Tihar Prison of Delhi after being arrested by the CBI on March 6 in the NSE regional fraud court and an investigation related to other government offenses in the bourse.

Last month, the director published similar question notes to Messers Narain and Subramanian.

In April, the Supreme Court of Securities (SAT) granted Ms Ramkrishna’s appeal against the SEBI order related to government errors in the bourse and ordered her to deposit Rs 2 crore.

The appellate court has also ordered the NSE to deposit more than Rs 4 crore to the checkout and the deposit gift of Ms Ramkrishna in an escrow account contrary to the SEBI directive where the amount should remain in the Investor Protection Trust.

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