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First Time Applicants For F-1 US Student Favorite Visa, Others Apply Later -by Ecork

Eight US lakh passports are likely to be issued in 12 months in India. (Representation)

New Delhi:

Those who have previously applied for an F-1 Student Visa will not be able to take the plunge when the appointment applications open this summer, said Donald L Heflin, Adviser to the Minister of Consular Affairs at the US embassy. said on Thursday.

During a 45-minute live chat on the website of the US consulate general in Delhi, Mr Heflin said the summer season for student passports will open in May and the first half of July.

“We want the summer season to be for new applicants. People who have not used it before, recent high school students who want to go for graduation studies or students recently completed book and want to go for the Masters. This summer when we want. open for appointments, if you have already written, you will not get a place, “Mr Heflin said.

“Later in the summer from August 15 to September 1, 15,000 appointments will be made for people who have graduated either this summer or last year. I know a lot of people are scared about it but we have been closed for a long time. In view of the pandemic. We don’t have a lot of people who write before using it again, we have a lot of them now… so the decision, ”he said.

Mr Heflin said eight US lakh passports were likely to be released in 12 months in India in what was expected to be a year of recovery for passenger services from disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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