FIFA-AFC team to hold discussions with stakeholders of Indian football from Wednesday -by Ecork

The joint team of FIFA and AFC will meet several Indian football stakeholders from Wednesday to discuss the way forward on holding national elections in the first round under the amended law. During discussions with stakeholders, including the Coordinating Committee of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court (CoA), the visiting official could stress on having a timeline regarding the All India Football Federation (AIFF) elections and compliance of its principles in constitutional reform.

The team, to be chaired by the Secretary General of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Datuk Seri Windsor John, will have two members from FIFA namely Kenny Jean Marie, who heads the team, and Nodar Akhalkatsi, the director strategic planning and team management. .

AFC general secretary Vahid Kardany, his Southeast Asian group (team development and leadership) leader Parushottam Kattel and senior director of the Central Asia Department Yogesh Desai, were among the other members of the coalition who arrived on Monday night.

The joint team is expected to meet members of the CoA, former AIFF President Praful Patel – who is also a member of the FIFA Executive Committee – and representatives of state teams.

The team is also likely to meet with Sports Minister Anurag Thakur before leaving the country on May 23.

FIFA’s governing body FIFA did not impose a ban on India immediately after the Supreme Court revoked Patel’s license and appointed CoA to handle AIFF cases. However, a senior official of a state team said it would not be easy to move forward and that FIFA would set conditions, failing which it could legislate for the country.

“The FIFA-AFC team will listen to the various parties. They will not say we will impose sanctions on India. It (ban) is unlikely to happen in the coming days,” the state official told PTI.

“At the same time, the FIFA-AFC team will set some conditions, hard conditions. If these conditions are not met, India may be banned.

“I would like to know the timing of the AIFF elections, the date of the election. Also, any amended law (of the AIFF) should be in accordance with FIFA rules in general. Impossible.” The visiting team will meet with representatives of the state teams on Thursday.

The FIFA ban will be a disaster for India which has already been called up for the upcoming Asian Cup. The country is also hosting the FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in October, a tournament which will be out of India if it is legalized.

CoA’s three-member team, SY Quraishi, has said it does not see dissatisfaction as a matter with FIFA.

“I do not think FIFA will have any opposition to this development. The football elections are long overdue, the team is past its time and the elections are important. I do not see any irregularities with FIFA here,” he said. tell.


“We hope that FIFA will understand and cooperate and we will cooperate with them as we try to complete this task given to us by the court.” According to the court schedule, the AIFF legal document prepared by CoA in line with the National Sports Code must be circulated among the parties and their feedback is sent to CoA Counselor Samar Bansal in May. 30 days.

CoA must submit its constitution to the SC by July 15. The next hearing is on July 21.

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