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Faridabad Man Hangs From 12th Floor Balcony to Do Stretching Exercises

Video of a man doing exercises by moving from the balcony of the 12th floor of a house in Faridabad doing the rounds on social media. The clip shows the man holding onto the rail of the balcony (12th floor) and making a few climbs. In the background of the video, shared by Viral Vdoz, we hear a woman say, “Do kar raha hai (You are exercising).” A few minutes later, after finishing his muscles, the man was seen returning to the balcony before the video ended. “A video of a Daredevil workout of a man hanging out on the 12th floor balcony,” Viral Vdoz captioned the video while posting on a microblogging site.

Watch the video here:

The one-minute and four-minute video has collected 1,500 views and continues to go viral. The man’s performance has sparked many hilarious reactions by netizens. “This is why people are calling us Indians, wondering if it will be a testament to America’s talent. It will soon be seen on television, ”wrote one user, while another said that the man needed“ advice. ”

Some users on Twitter gave the man pet names like “lunatic”, “sasta spiderman”, “kalyugi bandar (modern monkey).” “Fugging of the brain after covid effect,” each person tweeted on the microblogging site.

The clip came days after a video of a woman, who lives on the 10th floor of a high-rise building with her son upstairs to pick up clothes that fell on the floor just below them, went viral last week. The incident was also reported from Faridabad, taking place in the Florida apartment complex on Section 82.

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