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There are many benefits to having a better CNG-like mileage and less carbon footprint, among other things. For these reasons, Indian consumers are more receptive to owning CNG cars compared to petrol powered ones.

Resonating with increasing demands, manufacturers have also begun rolling out CNG versions of existing models. But with industry-leading CNG cars, there is also the option of getting a repaired CNG kit for your car. However, there is a question, which of the two is better: a factory-fitting CNG kit or a post-production CNG kit.

For those who have a legal question of repairing a CNG application. Yes, it can be done as soon as you get permission from the RTO. It is also noteworthy that major Indian manufacturers such as Tata and Maruti Suzuki have taken the CNG versions of their established cars like Tata Altroz ​​and Maruti Suzuki Celerio, respectively.

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Returning to the question, which of the two is the best? First, we need to understand the difference between a factory-based CNG application and a post-production CNG application. The first is the CNG Venturi conversion tool. The application is the most basic technology. No sensors and ECUs. It depends on the throttle. The CNG application series is the second option. This is a tool that gymnasts often use.

The cost of installing a commercial CNG tool kit is either equal to the cost of the company CNG equipment installed or more. In this example, the company that installed the CNG is recommended because it comes with a warranty if the machine fails. On the other hand, the machine support ends as soon as the CNG Kit of the store is incorporated.

The risk of fraud lies in the CNG product application background. Also, if the mechanic damages the engine in any way, the cost will go to the car owner. Only factory-installed CNG kits are installed after they have been thoroughly tested. This makes them more confident. If an unlicensed dealer installs a CNG application after the product, the CNG application may be considered illegal.

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