EXCLUSIVE: Chess sensation R Praggnanandhaa says ‘win over Magnus Carlsen a big boost to confidence’ | Other Sports News

The 16-year-old Indian chess girl R. Praggnanandhaa is very happy and thankful to her teacher for eight years, Grand Master Ramesh and legendary chess Viswanathan Anand, who gave advice through video lessons. In the small hours of Monday (Indian time), the young man from India has won world No. 1 Magnus Carlsen and he has a new high in his previous celebration work. With back-to-back tournaments and nightly online games keeping him busy, the young Grandmaster from Chennai did not have time to enjoy his big win, but he certainly did enjoy the process. Zee Media has the world to talk to and understand how you feel.

“I worked hard for this event. I also tried to control my sleep schedule by waiting until 3am, 10 days ago, to prepare myself and adjust to work (online games as part of Airthings Masters). starts around 10pm India and continues until 4am)… This is a very important competition for me, ”he said.

Referring to the fact that he lost three of his four matches on his first day, he said he had done ‘not-so-good’. However, that did not stop the boy from fighting with more power the next day, when he had to pick a lot of high-profile players. “Day 2 was when I faced World No.1 Magnus Carlsen … I was very excited to fight against the top players and try to forget about the results of the first day. I had great confidence and motivation,” he added.

Appreciating their efforts, Praggnanandhaa acknowledges the efforts of Grandmaster RB Ramesh, for his guidance since 2014 and assistance in all competitions and tournaments. He also expressed special thanks to the five World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, who was sponsored by Westbridge Anand University.

Having won the victory we are talking about the world, the young man does not even take time out, to celebrate and look back. “I am just happy to have won. But, he did not celebrate it because I really want to focus on the competition, which is still going on. ”

The obvious black circles around his face are a testament to the hard work and effort the young man is making. on cerebral palsy. While the ongoing online competition is set to come to an end by a very long run, Praggnanandhaa cannot think of rest and live a normal youth life. On February 27th, he left for Italy for the upcoming tournament.

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