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Every Indian Will Return Home, Says Indian Envoy In Ukraine

The government is making all possible efforts to expel Indians from Ukraine, the statement said.


The Indian government will expel all Indians from Ukraine, the Indian ambassador said here on Friday as he reassured Indian students in the country, a day after Russia launched a major military operation. si i.

Indian Ambassador to Ukraine Partha Satpathy also urged the students seeking refuge in temporary shelters to be “honest about the situation and tell friends and family that everything will be fine.” With Russia announcing military action in Ukraine, thousands of Indian students enrolled in Ukrainian universities – mostly medical training – are in a state of panic and so on with the authorities to ensure a safe return. them to India.

“The Indian government has completely agreed with the matter. All India will return home. The planes are lined up. People are lined up, but the area is war. We will have to work out the logistics and find ways to arrive. young. West, “Mr. Satpathy said while talking to students who are naked here.

“We have to be honest about the situation. So, tell your friends wherever they are in Ukraine that things will be fine,” he was seen telling concerned Indians in a shared video. by a student.

The Indian government is making all possible efforts to expel Indians from Ukraine through land borders with its neighboring countries, Mr Satpathy said.

Officials say Air India is also planning to operate two flights to the Romanian capital Bucharest on Friday to evacuate some Indians.

“After collaborating with our representative offices in nearby countries, the Ministry of External Services and the Indian government, the transfer of vehicles has started. Through Romania, we will send students our first book, ”he explained.

In a statement, the city government said Indian troops were deployed at the Chop-Zahony checkpoint on the Hungarian border and at Porubne-Stret on the Romanian border around Chernivtsi in Uzhhorod.

“In this difficult situation, the Indian embassy urges Indians to continue to be strong, safe and vigilant. The embassy is also working around the clock to support the Indian community in Ukraine,” he said. he said.

“The government of India and the police are working to establish evacuation routes from Romania and Hungary,” he added.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said on Thursday that 20,000 Indians were in Ukraine and of them, nearly 4,000 had returned to India in the past few days.

“My main goal is to bring you back to your parents, so that they have a break and I do not continue to receive phone calls. But you all have to cooperate and be realistic of the current situation,” Mr Satpathy added. full.

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