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Eight medical staff will stand trial on charges of criminal misconduct in the death of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, according to a court ruling made public on Thursday. No date has been set for the trial of eight on Maradona’s death in 2020, which prosecutors say was due to “inaccuracies” by his supervisors who rejected him “to his fate” during a hospital stay. Maradona died at the age of 60 in 2020 while recovering from brain surgery for a blood clot, and after decades of battles with cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Neurosurgeon and family doctor Leopoldo Luque, psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, psychologist Carlos Diaz, nurse Nancy Forlini and four others along with the nurses were placed under investigation.

Prosecutors have demanded that they be tried for reckless execution.

They say the misconduct by the team has put football history in a “weak position.”

Plaintiffs risk sentences ranging from eight to 25 years in prison.


According to prosecutors, the defendants “are the protagonists of an unprepared, completely deficient and careless hospital at home”, allegedly responsible for a “series of improvisations, management failures and shortcomings.”

Maradona is famous for being one of the greatest footballers in history.

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