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On February 22, Dubai International Airport maintained its status as the world’s largest destination for international travel with 29 million passengers stranded at the international gate last year.

The 2021 tourism sector is encouraging Dubai-based travel economy, recognized as an important link between East and West. The figures are a sign that international travel has moved slightly since the coronavirus epidemic caused unprecedented global locks and border closures by 2020.

Last year’s figure represents a 12 percent increase in traffic at Dubai International Airport compared to 2020, which recorded 26 million passengers. However, especially with 29.1 million passengers passing through the year Passed by Dubai International Airport, or DXB, the figure is nowhere near the pre-epidemic target of 86.4 million in annual traffic flow through the airport in 2019.

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Dubai is currently hosting a six-month World Cup, which is delayed by one year due to the pandemic. Expo 2020, which opens in October and runs through the end of March, has attracted millions of visitors as well as city leaders, royalty, and celebrities, helping to further cement the Dubai name as the end of the world tour . It is unclear, however, what Expo’s overall contribution has been to the recovery of the Dubai economy.

Just over 70 percent of Dubai airport’s tourist destinations last year represented the arrivals, with the largest number of residents likely to travel to and from the Emirate. Prior to the pandemic, almost half of all commuters were traveling through Dubai.

The CEO of Dubai Airport, Paul Griffiths, said DXB predicts 57 million passengers to come through the airport this year, and a full recovery to pandemic numbers by 2024. “Dubai has done such a thing good at convincing travelers. It is a safe city to visit and to find rest and trade. So I think the actual trends towards recovery are very encouraging, indeed, “Griffiths said.

It is the eighth year in a row that Dubai International Airport has received the world’s most expensive suit for international travel, past London Heathrow and Hartsfield-Jackson of Atlanta for international travelers, although the latter is among those most in terms of public transport.

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The largest share of traffic to Dubai came from India, with 4.2 million tourists, followed by Pakistan, with 1.8 million tourists last year. The key development market for travel to and from Dubai is neighboring Saudi Arabia, which is working hard to attract trade and travel in direct competition with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates throughout.

The UAE is home to more than 100,000 British citizens. Dubai’s first airport received 1.2 million passengers from the UK last year, with 77,000 in December alone.

Dubai, under orders from the United Arab Emirates airline authority, has been forced to land all passenger planes and close its airports for eight weeks in the spring of 2020. Unlike the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, however, Dubai quickly reopened its doors to tourists.

The UAE is on the red list as a country ‘do not travel’ through the UK, US and other countries for much of the last year. “What we are trying to do is a global campaign for relaxation of travel restrictions and trials,” Griffiths said. “But we see now the question of that coming back. We just need to let governments know that fact and act quickly to remove the remaining travel restrictions. ”

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