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Donald Trump’s Truth Social Glitches Right After Launch, Internet Says ‘I Told You So’

If Donald Trump’s True Society is not enough of the meme in itself, Twitter users are now with theirs on the platform of the former US Social Media platform. Truth Social launched yesterday and is currently only available to iPhone users. It is also currently only available in the US. According to a report from Reuters, iOS became available on the Apple App Store before midnight on February 21. The True Social Network also seems to be under development, especially because the website has not been secured with the HTTPS URL. What’s more, in the news, users immediately start meeting glitches soon after the launch. True society describes itself as the American “Big Tent” platform that encourages openness, free, and honest international communication without discrimination against political ideology. Twitter memer (and anyone who has had the opportunity to read the news in the last year) can beg to be different.

Donald Trump and some of his most popular right-wing channels have been hit by social media following the announcement of violence at the US Capitol in Washington DC last year where five people were killed. Prior to the event, Trump had repeatedly used Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to declare his defeat in the Nov. 3 election due to voter fraud.

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