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Donald Trump Thinks Global Warming Will Only Lead to ‘Slightly More Seafront Property’

Trump rejects concerns about rising sea levels caused by global warming. (Photo: Reuters)

Donald Trump was speaking at the Conservative Political Congress Conference when he made that statement.

Donald Trump, the former US president, dismissed climate change concerns, saying global warming could lead to “more coastal assets.” He was speaking at the Conservative Political Assembly when he made the remarks, reports The Independent. He criticized US President Joe. Biden and his weather agent John Kerry. Trump mocked them, saying that although the world was on the verge of “disintegration” and “blowing” because of power, Kerry wanted to talk about global warming. regarding global warming, claiming that any such result will only give rise to slightly more seafront property.

Trump went on to say that Kerry did not want to worry about nuclear warming, but “only other types of warming.” He added that this had nothing to do with the truth and criticized Kerry for not pushing gas or more energy. His accusation against Biden is for the US President to say that the American people have suffered because of the high energy costs caused by the Ukraine crisis.The Trump administration has repeatedly underestimated efforts to prevent climate change.

Trump and global warming go a long way. He had in 2019 the infamous tweeted that he wanted “global warming” after the cold winter in the Midwest. Meanwhile, by the end of 2021, according to data released by the Danish government, Greenland is already on track to lose its big icebergs. The region lost 8.5 billion tons of land and an additional 8.4 billion tons almost entirely accumulated. human beings. As the oceans heat up and increase in volume, coastal areas are at risk of losing ground and eventually sinking.

The amount of ice lost by Greenland that week was enough to sink in the US state of Florida or Andhra Pradesh of India, in two inches of water. Coastal cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Jakarta, Tokyo and island nations such as the Maldives will be some of the most vulnerable areas of the ocean levels. A 2019 study has already suggested that Mumbai is at risk of flooding in 2050.

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