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Wriddhiman Saha, who wanted to leave Bengal to do her business as a consultant, did not receive any special offers from any of the top states, contrary to what she had said. Gujarat and Baroda, which are linked to possible transfers between Saha states, have refused to make any offers to the 40-year-old examiner. my eyes are on every one of them. ” “I can confirm that the Gujarat Cricket Association has not made such an offer to Wriddhiman Saha. We have a young coach named Het Patel, who is doing well for us. Why should the world try to ruin his career,” he said. GCA senior official Anil Patel told PTI.

When contacted by Baroda CA secretary general Ajit Lele, who is currently in the United States, he said he had no knowledge of their group near Saha.

“I have not been in India for the past month, but as far as BCA is concerned we have already been recruited in Ambati Rayudu as a professional. To the best of my knowledge, we are not happy Saha,” Lele said.

Recently, the PTI has reported that Saha has been approached by Tripura domestic minnows, one of the young men killing from the Eastern Province, but there are reports that her question as to professional charges over and over her match is not a matter of we can plan.

Secretary Tripura CA Kishor Das could not reach a comment.

It should be mentioned that Saha has obtained No Conflict Certificate (NOC) from her CAB home team after joint secretary Debabrata Das publicly criticized her commitment to the Bengal Cricket and accused her of causing injuries to miss the games Ranji Trophy.

Saha angrily demanded unconditional forgiveness from Das but that did not happen.

In fact, Das is currently the managing director of the Indian team in England, which is a testament to the CAB’s steadfastness after his manager after Saha decided to walk away from state team activities.

Regular views include BCCI Coordinator and country selection


Since Indian coach Rahul Dravid publicly told him that at 37, he was too old to be a backup for the national team, a Saharan irate at various forums has publicly stated that he has dropped out despite concerns from young BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.

“We fully understand Saha’s frustration after he left the Indian team. But time and again, he deceives the BCCI president in every media conversation and also talks about optional words that kill the player’s sentence. contracted in the middle, “a BCCI source told PTI. on conditions of anonymity.

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