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Government officials said on March 28 that a new metro loop corridor, nearly 3 kilometers long, had been proposed in one of the capital. According to government officials, this corridor will accommodate people who will be visiting the upcoming new government buildings as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project.

The new division line will have four metro stations and will build separately from existing metro corridors – Yellow Line and Violet Line – crossing the area, they said. The existing Secretariat Central station is an exchange facility between Yellow Line and Violet Line.

The foundation stone of the Central Vista project was laid in December 2020. The infrastructure renovation represents a new triangular building and a common Central Secretary. The Central Vista reconstruction project is also looking to upgrade a working boulevard from Vijay Chowk to the Indian Gate with more facilities.

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The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) on March 28 “signed a memorandum of understanding, in which the DMRC will provide technical assistance such as the completion and commissioning of works for the construction of the metro road” and said the metro network existing with new central office buildings, which will be available as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project, Delhi Metro said.

The metro loop route, linking the “four common Central Secretariat stations” with the existing Central Secretariat station is proposed to cater for office officials who will travel to these offices using the metro . The program is run in anticipation of a maximum hourly requirement of 20,000 travelers per hour during the morning and peak hours in the evening. The entire corridor will be underground, he said in a statement.

“According to the MoU, the DMRC will provide project information apart from horizontal length and vertical alignment of tracks and tunnels with the size of facilities such as platforms, support services, and maintenance facilities. The DMRC will also select an information design consultant. for the project, ”the staff said.

“While CPWD will carry out the construction of the civil foundation, the DMRC will perform all other finishing and construction work including the design and construction of control systems, signal systems, music work, rotation, electrical and maintenance services, etc. ”The statement said.

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Currently, the DMRC operates a 391-kilometer metro network with 286 metro stations. As part of its fourth phase, the DMRC is working on the construction of 65 km of new lines across three highways.

The MoU was signed at Metro Bhawan between DMRC director, business development, Pramit Kumar Garg, and PS Chauhan, senior general manager, CPWD in front of DMRC managing director, Mangu Singh, and other senior staff.

The Central Vista reconstruction project, announced in September 2019, is planning a new triangular parliament building, with a seating capacity of 900 to 1,200 MPS, which is planned to be built by August 2022, when the country language will celebrate its 75th Independence Day. The Commonwealth Central Secretary is likely to write by 2024.

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