Disappointed Sachin Tendulkar contacts his legal team due to unethical use of his image for promotion by casino | Cricket News

Former Indian Prime Minister Sachin Tendulkar on Thursday (February 24) said he did not approve of gambling, tobacco or alcohol in individual capacity and it was painful for him to see his pictures used to mislead people. Tendulkar’s information came after his viral pictures were posted on social media approving a casino.

However, Master Blaster has stated that there is no truth to the matter, and that his legal team will take action again. supporting the casino. I have never approved gambling, tobacco or alcohol – directly or indirectly, in individual capacity. It’s nice to see my pictures being used to mislead people, ”Tendulkar said in an official statement on Twitter.

“While my legal team will take the necessary action, I think it is important for me to share this information with everyone,” he added. Tendulkar won the adieu bid to the World Cricket Championships in 2013 and to this day, is the highest-scoring player in both the Tests and ODIs. It also holds the record for most centuries registration in the world.

In 2019, Tendulkar became India’s sixth to launch into the ICC Fame Hall of Fame. The 46-year-old made his debut for India at the age of 16 and immediately became the country’s favorite cricketer. It averaged 34,357 runs across the series, which is 6,000 runs ahead of second-placed Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara.

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