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The Indian Motor Company announced its results on March 1 where it released strong sales figures for February. The car industry is showing some recovery from the problems caused by the lack of controls, new concerns have arisen over the Russia-Ukraine conflict which could worsen the global oil shortage.

Both Ukraine and Russia play an important role in the global semiconductor supply chain. It is possible that Russia is the largest producer and key supplier of rare metals such as palladium which is important for memory and sensor chips along with many other rare minerals, explains Hemal Thakkar, Director, CRISIL Research.

The fitness center, according to Thakkar, relies heavily on fitness as a key component largely in the transport and transport sectors. “The last 12 months have seen huge shortcomings in the automation stage due to supply chain issues related to Covid,” Thakkar said.

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Ukraine supplies large quantities of US neon-grade semiconductor gas which is part of the manufacturing process while Russia supplies about one-third of US palladium supply, a rare metal that can be used to create semiconductors.

“If geopolitical tensions continue for a long time, they may have potential implications for the semiconductor industry which is already struggling to find land,” Thakkar said. The Depression Analysis report notes that the crisis has the potential to exacerbate the crisis in the supply chain of semiconductor which is key to the production of cars and other electrical equipment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Indian trainers who posted encouraging sales data for the February 2022 long on demand inquiry are confident that as they enter the new budget, semiconductor availability will improve and they will be able to provide customer demand in bulk filling. Suzuki India motorcycle registered a total of 72,200 single sales in February 2022, selling 58,603 parts in the domestic market and exporting 13,597 parts.

Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director pointed out that despite ongoing semiconductor availability constraints, the company continues to maintain its growth momentum in February. “We are experiencing strong demand both from domestic and international markets,” he said.

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Mahindra Auto also averaged general averages for the month at 54,455 units, registering a growth of 89 percent and a maximum SUVs volume in February 2022 with sales of 27551 cars. , cars, and vans) saw 27,663 cars sold in February 2022. Exports for the month included 2,814 cars. In the automotive segment, Mahindra sold 20,166 cars in February 2022 with a growth of 119 percent.

Veejay Nakra, Chief Executive Officer, Automotive Division, M and M said he expects demand to continue to remain strong as the Covid-19 position weakens further. “We continue to closely monitor the supply of semiconductor related components and take corrective action as appropriate,” Nakra said.

The crisis of the semiconductor shortage on the industry is evident in Hyundai Motor India’s monthly figures which reported a 14 per cent decline in total sales in 53,159 units in February. The company sold 61,800 units in the same month last year. “Home sales were down 14.6 per cent to 44,050 units last month as opposed to 51,600 units in February 2021. Exports fell by 10.7 per cent to 9,109 units last month as compared to 10,200 units over the past year, ”the special vehicle said.

Similarly, TVS Motor Company registered sales of 2,81,714 parts in February 2022 as opposed to sales of 2,97,747 parts in February 2021. Total Wheelchairs registered sales of 2,67,625 units in February 2022 as opposed to sales of 2,84,581 units in February 2021. Domestic Dual-Wheeler registered sales of 1,73,198 units in February 2022 as opposed to sales of 1,95,145 units in February 2021. “We are cautious expectation of the supply of semiconductor will improve in the coming months, ”the company said. .

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The country’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki reported a small reduction in total wholesale in 1,64,056 units in February 2022, which included domestic sales of 1,37,607 units, to Another OEM of 2,428 parts, and the highest international exports of 24,021 parts. The company sold 1,64,469 units in February 2021. According to Maruti Suzuki, the shortage of electric cars had a small impact on the production of the vehicles it sold first in the home market. “The company is taking all possible measures to reduce the impact,” MSI said.

Tata Motors registered a total of 77,733 sales in the domestic and international market for February 2022, compared to 61,258 units during February 2021, posting growth of 27 percent over the previous year. Toyota Kirloskar Motor sold a total of 8,745 parts in February 2022, registering a growth of 19 percent. Atul Sood, TKM’s Vice President of Partner, Marketing and Marketing Process pointed out that the general sentiment in the market continues to be positive with a steady rise in demand trends.

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