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Desi Twitter User Shares ‘Hack’ to Keep Your Apple AirPods from Getting Stolen

Apple AirPods come with the option to customize them. (Photo: Reuters)

Desis has some creative suggestions on how to get your Apple AirPods stolen.

  • Last Updated:March 23, 2022, 09:07 IS

Are AirPods stealing? This Desi Twitter user has a smart hack for you that confirms the importance of being the mother of invention. Apple AirPods come with the option to make them personal where the user can get their name, and Twitter user Pranav suggested that he make “Samsung” instead of his name. Another user, Kunal Sharma, thought he could do “Micromax” even, whatever served his purpose. One might argue that Micromax headsets are as normal to steal as AirPods, but the latter product value may make it a more profitable robbery. You have to accept: this hack is not “anything like anything.” Admittedly, though; this hack may present half the reason why anyone thinks downloading AirPods: flexibility.

Your AirPods should be fine now, unless you have a personal surprise about swallowing them. Yes, it is something that has been known to happen more than once. For example, last year, a 27-year-old podcast managed to create a huge buzz that hit a medicine tablet, AirPods, and his stomach. At first, the order of things and the items itself may make you lose your mind, but that is consistent with the basic premise that Bellmer found himself one day. An event in the life of a podcast and esthetician hailing from Boston went viral on social media and allowed AirPods users to understand more about their product. Apparently, Bellmer took out one of his AirPods, which he thought was an 800 mg Ibuprofen tablet, and flushed it down his stomach.

For other situations of real concern with your AirPods, the following can help you keep them physical. Apple has sued for a patent showing how its AirPods models will be able to keep track of users’ performance. “Bud Ear Wireless System With Desktop Search”, is a brand new patent application that represents the decision details of your transmission through AirPods, AppleInsider says.

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