Delhi at 11th spot for worst traffic in the world, monsoon aggravates jams: Study | Mobility News

According to a recent survey by browser operator TomTom, the Indian capital Delhi ranks 11th in terms of global traffic control. In fact, four Indian cities have been featured among the 25 worst cities in the world for highways. The study also found that Monsoon season increases jam and makes driving conditions even worse.

The TomTom survey was conducted across 58 countries covering 404 countries. According to the study, August 21st, 2021 was the worst day for the Delhiites with an average of 71 percent due to heavy rain during the day. On average, the clusters recorded at peak mornings stood at 77 percent, while the evening recorded at 53 percent.

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Recently, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana told that the total number of deaths caused by road accidents increased in the capital in 2021 as compared to 2020, that is, 1,180 people died last year and 1,151 a year 2020. It also shares the data about major traffic offenses including red light jumping, speed, triple ride, and so on.

According to data shared by the Delhi Police, the total number of challans collected was 1,74,166 and the court challans were 10,71,712. as many as 4,512 accidents were reported, of which 1,145 were fatal accidents. A total of 1,151 died due to road accidents in Delhi in 2020 while in 2021, a total of 1,180 died in fatal accidents, ”Asthana said.

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