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Deleted Batman Dark Knight Scene Reminds Fans How ‘Disturbing’ Heath Ledger’s Joker Was

With Matt Reeves’ interpretation of Batman’s famous DC comics hitting theaters, many remember how Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight portrayed one of his famous puppets, the Joker. Produced by the late Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight starred Christian Bale as the protagonist. Fans of the film often wonder one of the deleted episodes of the 2008 film where the Joker’s Heath Ledger picture gives an insight into how the character is disturbed.

The deleted scene shared on YouTube shows the Joker getting out of Gotham General Hospital after it caught fire and jumped into a yellow school bus. As the bus moves with the hospital explosions destroying the building, Ledger’s behavior is seen sitting quietly with a slight smile on his face. The events show how none of the catastrophes happened affecting him at all. Commenting on a video he shared on YouTube one of the viewers wrote, “The way Ledger smiles when the hospital wants is definitely embarrassing !! I like Phoenix, but Ledger also takes a higher place for me. What a screw-up your guy Joker was! It is a real shame that we did not get a solo film from Heath. RIP. “

Another lover wrote, “There is a reason why comedy is the greatest destroyer ever.” According to one viewer, the scene should have been in the film as “only the scene was amazing. The way you can see the explosions in the bus windows and the way the Joker doesn’t even look at the devastation is like hell. ”

The Australian actor, who died on January 22, 2008, received an Academy Award for his work as a Joker in 2009. Many fans are still wondering whether Ledger’s unexpected demise was due to the high way he worked for preparation of the role of defining your work.

However, it was reported that Ledger suffered a heart attack after an accidental overdose of medication. According to a report by CNN, Ledger’s body was found in his apartment and investigators discovered stunning shots and shots, including a magazine created by the actor describing his immersion of the Joker persona.

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