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Ranveer Singh with Mama Anju Bhavnani and wife Deepika Padukone.


Ranveer Singh’s latest film Jayeshbhai Jordaar, This week, is a comic in tone but the subject matter it deals with is of the highest potency – foeticide. The actress starred as the titular Jayeshbhai, the Gujarati little father of one girl with another along the way. Jayeshbhai had to stand up for his father and others decided to have an unborn child and Ranveer was fully qualified to accept the patriarchal status of “grown women,” he told NDTV. In fact, she had a list of “powerful female soldiers” in her life – Deepika Padukone’s wife and mother Anju Bhavnani, of course, but also her grandmother, Ritika sister and mother-in-law Ujjala Padukone.

In an interview with NDTV, Ranveer Singh said he grew up surrounded by female roles. “Perhaps the greatest blessing of my life is that I have angels around me,” Ranveer said, “They are the center of my whole world. You know, women in my life, I grew up with my mom, nani .. They are my angels, my source of strength and power and joy. “

“I am what I am because of them,” Ranveer told NDTV, “And that women have grown up … I grew up to be emotional.”

Bi Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Ranveer is very much on the female side of the ancestral division; the role also gives him a deeper understanding of his father and, more importantly, that of his father Jagjit Bhavnani. “My dad is always on the lookout for security and provider and he is past Jayeshbhai Jordaar, that I have a deeper appreciation, love and respect for him that I’ve never had before. Because I am not a father yet but I play father. So to go deeper into what that behavior might feel, I had to explore and move myself back to the parts of my life, the parts of my life, where I would have experienced that, and we took I am back on track my father has been a man who will do everything in his power and strength and pour every ounce of effort and energy into being the best security and provider for his family, ”Ranveer said.

Boman Irani plays Ranveer’s father on screen – Ramlal Patel, with whom Jayesh must fight to save the life of his second daughter. The cast includes Shalini Pandey as his pregnant wife Jayesh and Ratna Pathak Shah as his mother.

Director is Divyang Thakkar, Jayeshbhai Jordaar this Friday.

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