Deepika Kumari Falters On India Return, Slip To 37th In Archery World Cup -by Ecork

Star-studded Deepika Kumari failed to impress in the qualifying round in the highly anticipated comeback, finishing just 37th behind Ankita Bhakat in the 3rd World Series in Paris on Thursday. World number three Deepika, who made her return to India after the return of the Tokyo Olympics last year, sold 638 awards in the 72-pointer, a 37th-place finish behind Korean Lee Gahyun who won the stick position in the women’s section relay. His poor form means Deepika is in a tough draw as the former world number one will have a second-round qualifier against Korean Choi Misun, gold medalist of the 2016 Rio Olympics team. Deepika will face Italy’s Chiara Rebagliati your first.

The three-time Olympian is a picture of inequality. Having started with 10 fours, including two X (center close) and one 9, Deepika hit the black ring (4) and even went wrong in the last arrow of the fifth end.

More frustration was reserved for him as he completed the first half by a double shot in the red ring (7-7). At the intermediate mark, he managed only 323 points.

At the same time, he shot 18 perfect 10s in the intermediate mark, which was one after Gahyun, something that summed up Deepika’s misfortune that day.

Under pressure, Deepika advanced further in the final set of 36 arrows, where she managed only 315 points, after beating five 7s and one 6 to complete her qualifying round. He had a share of 11 perfect 10s in the final half.

In 31st place, Ankita (644) is the best among Indian women as she joins the team with 27th placed Tarundeep Rai (670), with the duo taking 13th place.

Pravin Jadhav, who also made a comeback after his return to the Tokyo Olympics, finished 30th with 668 points, while veteran Jayanta Talukdar (667) took 32nd place as the men’s team again saved eight points in the shoot.

The group of women who returned, on the other hand, finished in 13th place.

Earlier, the Indian women’s team lost the bronze medal to France while the men’s team made it to the quarterfinals after losing to Turkey.

A day after world silver world champion Jyothi Surekha Vennam raised hopes with a second place finish, the three women of Jyothi, Priya Gurjar and Muskan Kirar lost 228-231 to England in the final.

Fighting for bronze, the team planned a two-point lead to lose 231-233 to their French opponents Sophie Dodemont, Lola Grandjean and Sandra Herve.


Having reached the quarterfinals, a third group of Indian women in the race has begun by eliminating their Brazilian rivals 230-227.

The men’s team of Abhishek Verma, Mohan Bhardwaj and Aman Saini started with 234-232 defeating South Africa but suffered a one-point defeat to Turkey, dropping 234-235.

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