Dance floor caves during a school concert in the United States -by Ecork

The students said they had fun. (representative image)

Firefighters were called to a school concert in Ohio in the United States after the venue floor collapsed while students were dancing, according to NBC 4. The report further stated that the Wigwam Center Events section remained closed after the dance floor partially collapsed on Saturday night.

The school trustees expressed their satisfaction that no one was injured in the accident.

The events center said in a Facebook post that “unexpected structural concerns” caused a concert at Pickerington North High School on May 7 to be moved to a tent. “The safety of our guests is always our greatest concern, and we appreciate the cooperation of every student and guest here tonight,” read a Saturday Facebook post.

Structural engineers and contractors began assessing the damage on Monday.

Terry Dunlap, trustee of Violet Township, who bought the center in 2018.

The fire department has spoken to the local publication WDTNDuring the prom, they said, the north end of the inn’s dance floor experienced structural deterioration and gave way to floorboards. But she did not reveal the cause of the collapse.

The dance floor “looks like a 25-foot-wide bowl,” said Jim Paxton, assistant chief of the fire department. “When the subfloor is still intact, the rug is still standing, but the infrastructure underneath is what was provided, so it kind of looks like a big scoop in the floor where the dance floor was,” he said. WDTN.

Meanwhile, the students said they had fun. “We kept dancing. We had, like, a dance circuit and it was really fun, but not everyone left for long after that,” said Raiden Albo, a North Pickerington University senior. WDTN.

According to his Facebook page, the Wigwam Center features an auditorium that seats approximately 500 people and a theater that seats 303.

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