Dabang Delhi beat Patna Pirates to become PKL Season 8 champions | Other Sports News

Bengaluru: Dabang Delhi KC won the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 match by a 37-36 draw over Patna Pirates in the playoffs here on Friday.

Delhi’s star raider Naveen Kumar (13 points) and all-rounder Vijay (14 points) secured the Super 10s as they overcame a tough challenge from three-time champion Patna Pirates.

Patna had a bad night in security with the likes of Mohammadreza Shadloui and Sunil making a lot of mistakes.

The Pirates, however, had the chance to level the score in the final whistle of the game, but Naveen avoided the defenders to cross the baulk line and beat Delhi their first VIVO PKL match.

The match had a high intensity start with both sets of terrorists picking points. Security is removed for a cautious approach and get simple Bonus points. Sachin speed caused problems in Delhi security while Patna defenders stayed away from tackles on Delhi’s Naveen Kumar.

Mohammadreza Shadloui scored the first goal in the seventh minute and sent Naveen Kumar to the dugout center. That helped Patna get a man on the couch and they turned to EVERY OUT by 11th minute.

The Pirates opened a four-point lead but Delhi immediately made a stage fight with Sandeep Narwal facing Sachin successfully.

Delhi sued Patna for the abduction but Sachin’s clever raids helped the pirates avoid it all.

Both left-handers – Joginder Narwal of Delhi and Patna’s Shadloui – made careless mistakes. It became a case of cagey in the final minutes of the first half with both sides not wanting to make mistakes. Scores are 17-15 in the middle with Patna in the lead. Both teams had only two successful hits each in the first half.

Naveen and Sachin opened the second half with successful wins. But the experienced security of Delhi ensures that they are close to being eaten EVERYWHERE in the opening minutes.

But striker Guman Singh scored a double strike six minutes after the break to help Patna, who had their back to the wall.
Shadloui then backed away with an attack on Naveen Kumar. Patna thought they had changed the balance of the match but Vijay all-rounder Delhi secured a three-point Super Raid to sustain the pressure.

Scores are level 24-24 with 10 minutes remaining at the end.

Naveen hit his Super 10 immediately after his first exit.

Delhi continued to dominate the mat and pulled ALL OUT with six minutes remaining to open the two-point lead.

Vijay followed with a two-point lead for Delhi as they understood the world to completely eliminate the game from Patna.

Patna’s defense, especially Shadloui, had a bad night and the team won another three-point Super Raid with three minutes remaining in the match. The all-rounder took his Super 10 in the process.

Shadloui converted the Raiders in the final minutes to move the points to make it a point-and-shoot in the final whistle of the game. But Naveen kept quiet and crossed the baulk line to win the game for Dabang Delhi KC.

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