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CWG 2022, India vs Australia Women’s Hockey Live Updates: India vs Australia Enter Penalty Shootout After 1-1 Draw -by Ecork

India vs Australia Live Hockey Semifinal Updates: The match remains in the balance as India is 1-1 vs Australia in the ongoing women’s hockey semi-final. Indian women face a tough Australian challenge in the ongoing Commonwealth Games on Friday night. The Savita Punia-led team finished second in Pool A with nine points from four games. They won three and lost one. Meanwhile, their goal difference is +6. On the other hand, the Australian team is still unbeaten in the competition. They have won four out of four matches played in the ongoing edition of CWG so far. They have won Pool B with 12 points and a goal difference of +16.

Here are the LIVE Updates of India vs Australia Women’s Hockey Semifinal, Live from Birmingham:

  • 02:15 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 4th Quarter: Big save from Punia!

    Savita’s brilliance kept India in the game.

    IND 1-1 AUS

  • 02:13 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 4th Quarter: Australia wins a PC!

    Australia got a PC at a crucial moment in the game. There is 1 minute left on the clock. Can they win the championship?

    IND 1-1 AUS

  • 02:09 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 4th Quarter: Close advantage!

    Lalremsiami took a stunning ball into the circle but failed to pass perfectly and eventually lost possession of the ball. This match is going down to the wire with 5 minutes left on the clock.

    IND 1-1 AUS

  • 02:06 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 4th Quarter: India on the attack!

    The comeback goal seems to have provided the much-needed respite to the Indian players and they have been firing on all cylinders. The match remains in balance but India are looking really good now.

    IND 1-1 AUS

  • 02:01 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 4th Quarter: India Score!

    India level scores! This is a sensational return from India. Guys, the game is not over yet.

    IND 1-1 AUS

  • 01:58 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 4th Quarter: The action begins!

    The last 15 minutes of the game have started.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:57 (IST)

    India 0-1 Australia after the third quarter

    Australia continues to dictate the rules in the games. They conceded only one ball in the match but their relentless batting has given India notice.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:55 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 3rd Quarter: Great save from Monika again

    It was another excellent save from Monika as Australia posed a threat to score on PC.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:50 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 3rd Quarter: Good attack by Australia!

    Australia has kept India under pressure with some fantastic attacks. They force Indians to make mistakes.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:47 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 3rd Quarter: Opportunity missed by India!

    Navneet Kaur took a powerful shot from the right but Lalremsiami was too late to react to a pass on the left near the post and saw an opportunity to score.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:43 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 3rd Quarter: Australia misses the chance!

    Mariah Williams fed Ambrosia Malone with an excellent pass from the left. Malone just needed to get his stick on it to double Australia’s lead but he failed and India breathed a sigh of relief.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:40 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 3rd Quarter: Poor from India!

    Indian players are losing their possession of the ball in a reckless manner. On the other hand, the Australians have been right on the money with their passes and tackles.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:38 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 3rd Quarter: Match begins!

    The third quarter of play has started. India need to keep Australia under control even if they fail to get any target.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:34 (IST)

    Half-time break: India’s poor conversion rate!

    No doubt India had many chances in the match but they failed to find a single goal. They could have used their opportunities in a better way and the score line would have been in their favor in that case… However, half of the game has not been played.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:27 (IST)

    India 0-1 Australia at half-time

    That’s half-time in the match. There were no goals in the second half and India came out as the best team in the season. However, a goal advantage still keeps Australia in the driver’s seat.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:24 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 2nd Quarter: India loses again!

    Indians are constantly failing to seize their opportunities. They missed another chance on PC to score.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:21 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 2nd Quarter: India wins a PC!

    Navneet Kaur created another advantage for India as she got a PC for the team. Meanwhile, the Australians have challenged the decision… This is the result, the PC stands but Australia does not lose the reference due to the lack of good views.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:19 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 2nd Quarter: India misses the point!

    Things are getting tough for India. They now lose reference, while demanding a penalty corner.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:18 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 2nd Quarter: Good save!

    Sangita Kumari created a real good chance with her attack but the Australia goalkeeper’s strength was the best of Sangita’s attack.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:13 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 2nd Quarter: PC for India!

    Neha is getting a PC for India! Another opportunity for India… No! Australia’s draw was saved, courtesy of a brilliant performance from their goalkeeper.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:10 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 2nd quarter: Good goal from Navneet

    Navneet Kaur has shown some glimpses of brilliance in today’s game. What sets him apart is his determination to push further.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:07 (IST)

    India 0-1 Australia after 1st quarter

    The first quarter is over and Australia are leading 1-0. However, both teams played well in the regular season.

  • 01:05 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: Lalremsiami loses the ball!

    Lalremsiami made a good run in the middle but lost the ball after not finding a partner to pass the ball forward.

  • 01:04 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: Australia is not comfortable!

    Australia avoids risk on PC. They were really good on defense today.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:02 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: PC for India!

    India wins PC again! Can they be equal? Well… Let’s see.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 01:02 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: Better from Monika!

    Monika made a good save to deny Australia to double their advantage.

  • 00:58 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: Australia scores!

    Rebecca Greiner breaks the deadlock and the Australians are now 1-0 ahead. It was a superb pass from the left and Greiner got his stick over the line of the ball at the right time to score the opening goal for Australia.

    IND 0-1 AUS

  • 00:57 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st quarter: Navneet misses!

    Navneet Kaur has missed a big opportunity on the left. All you need is to put your stick on the volley but you miss and the line stays the same.

  • 00:55 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: India wins a PC

    It’s the first PC game and India gets it, courtesy Navneet Kaur.

  • 00:53 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: Injury scare!

    The ball bounced off the stick of an Australian player and hit teammate Karri Somerville. As a result, Somerville came off the pitch and the game started after a short delay.

    IND 0-0 AUS

  • 00:51 (IST)

    IND vs AUS, 1st Quarter: Australia lost the opportunity!

    Australia created a good chance from the right but the chance eventually went to waste.

    IND 0-0 AUS

  • 00:46 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: Match begins!

    The two semi-finals between India and Australia have started.

  • 00:40 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: A repeat of 2018 CWG

    It is worth noting that India and Australia have faced each other in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games 2018 as well. The Australians defeated India by a narrow margin of 1-0.

  • 00:36 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: Winner to face England

    England defeated New Zealand 2-0 in the draw to enter the final of CWG 2022. This means that the winner of the India vs Australia match will face England in the final.

  • 00:29 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: Australia eyes revenge

    Revenge will be on Australia’s mind when they face India today as the latter beat them 1-0 in the quarter finals of the Tokyo Olympics last year.

  • 00:24 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: Head-to-head

    Both India and Australia have faced each other a total of 13 times. Australia has won 9 matches, India won two while the remaining two ended in draws.

  • 00:11 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semi-final: Check India’s starting XI

  • 00:09 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: Australia’s journey so far

    There is no delay for Australia in the ongoing publication. They started with an 8-0 win over Kenya. Then went on to beat South Africa 5-0. Later, they beat New Zealand 1-0, then beat Scotland 2-0.

  • 00:05 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semifinal: India’s road to semis

    India started their CWG 2022 campaign with a 5-0 win over Ghana before beating Wales 3-1. The women then lost 1-3 to England and bounced back when it mattered most as they defeated Canada 3-2 in a virtual quarter-final.

  • 00:03 (IST)

    India vs Australia Hockey semi-final: Unbeaten Australia!

    Australia played four matches in Pool B and won all of them. They finished with 12 points to get a comfortable entry into the semi-finals.

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