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Cost Debate Rises Next Week, MPs Asked To ‘Deplore’ Misconduct: Sources -by Ecork

Ten leaders of opposition today met Mr. Naidu on the issue of suspension of 19 members of Rajya Sabha.

New Delhi:

Following multiple suspensions from Parliament, Deputy Speaker and Rajya Sabha chairman M Venkaiah Naidu today said cancellation of suspension can be considered only if erring members “realize the strength of their misbehavior” in the House so that he was disappointed, sources said. The issue of rate hike may be discussed in the Rajya Sabha early next week, they added.

A broad understanding in this regard has been reached this morning in the meetings of Chairman Naidu with the leaders of the opposition and the ministers concerned, according to sources.

While explaining that such name calling and disruption is a way to “sustain the honor and dignity of Parliament”, he urged the opposition leaders to understand the “pain the chairman will take” before naming members of the you are wrong. , sources said.

Ten leaders of opposition today met Mr. Naidu on the issue of suspension of 19 members of Rajya Sabha yesterday and their demand for discussion on price hike.

When they said that the number of members had been suspended, they suggested that they could cancel the suspension so that they could come to the house properly. They also suggested that a specific date be indicated on which the price hike can be discussed. Some leaders thought revoking the indefinite suspension would be appropriate, sources said.

Parliament Minister Pralhad Joshi, Parliament Speaker Piyush Goyal and MoS (Parliamentary Representative) Muraleedharan also joined the meeting.

Mr. Naidu urged the leaders to advise individual members not to disturb the proceedings of the House.

He also said that the nineteen (19) members who are fighting in the well of this house, who are shouting the word of grace and obstructing the agenda of the parliament is something that is very worrying and that what should be done they did. “Essentially, after several pleas by Vice Chairman Shri Harivansh for not doing so were ignored,” he said, according to sources.

He also pointed out that as many as 63 members of the Lok Sabha were suspended in 1989 and another 25 in 2015 for violating the rules of the House and disruptions.

The Chairman also had a meeting with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and inquired about his health and readiness to respond to the debate on the issue of price hike, sources said.

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