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Conceptual Artist Blows Up Lamborghini Huracan to Sell the Pieces as NFTs

The talented artist, who goes by the pseudonym SHL0MS, has announced a heart-wrenching artwork, whose elements will be sold as NFT to different people through a auction to be held on February 25th. This photo shoot project includes Lamborghini, detonator and atmosphere. We know this combination is very strange, but the image is boundless, SHL0MS has achieved this crazy work and even in a video as proof that they want a Lamborghini. Huracan, which has now been destroyed and scattered to 1000 pieces, will be available for sale at the same location.

These pieces of your favorite Lamborghini Huracan will be sold as NFT. The pieces will be filmed in rotating videos, which will be available for sale for crypto owners to have them. Getting an NFT built using scraped Lamborghini pieces will be known as ‘$ CAR.’ Sharing the display and videotape of the $ CAR sale on Twitter, SHL0MS, in the headline, wrote, “Showing $ CAR: 999 photographed in amazement of the remnants of the planted Lamborghini Huracan.” SHL0MS then provides the video, along with a link to the auction site. Look:

Dropping further details in the next string, SHL0MS mentioned that out of the 999 leftovers, 111 will be reserved for the group, while 888 will be available for sale. In addition, the auction will be blind with an initial order of 0.01 ETH. Surprisingly, the auction will be a full carbon wall, and you can only buy one item with a wallet. This is why the capabilities of crypto β€œwhales” to buy large portions of the collection are blocked.

$ CAR is the successor of SHL0MS’s first foray into physical art known as ‘$ FNTN’, which is a collection made from a ritually destroyed rendition of French photographer Duchamp’s source.

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