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Chilling Video Shows Missile Flying Right Over Journalist’s Head in Ukraine

The situation on the verge of escalating and turning into a full-fledged war is set in its path and has reached the next level of what people call World War 3. Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Thursday , announcing “military operation” in Ukraine.

A video has surfaced on social media from Ukrainian alert sites, which shows a weapon flying over the skies of Ukraine as a reporter lives to feed it. Australian magazine Bryan Wilson, walking on a shaken tarmac and alive on social media while speaking, a supersonic missile flew over him.

Watch the video here:

The video, which has collected more than 14 lakh views since its distribution, was edited by Bryan, who is updating the ground from Ukraine. According to his Twitter account, Bryan has been covering Ukraine since 2015. The video captures the weapon on its way to hit the airport this morning, and since then, Bryan has been updating his Twitter feed your with shiny details.

“Russia has declared war and attacked within seconds of the announcement. Maybe the internet will go down. I am alive and well, ”Bryan wrote in his latest tweet.

Numerous other videos and images depicting Russia’s military role on Ukrainian territory have emerged from Putin’s perspective, followed by a declaration of military action.

These are situations that have experienced turmoil and turmoil since Russia and Ukraine stood on the brink of war.

Russia is currently occupying Ukraine on the grounds that it has blocked Ukrainian aggression and its relations with NATO. Putin has also ordered Ukrainian troops to surrender.

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