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Chhavi Mittal shared this picture. (by: chhavihussein)

New Delhi:

Television actress Chhavi Mittal, who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, is posting her medical trip on her Instagram – one post at a time. In his latest entry, the actor writes about the “unexpected” – hitting the sport. A statement from his post read: “I did the impossible! I went to the gym today. I can not use my right hand, so I do not. Can not lift weights, so I can not do. “Anything difficult, so I do not. But what I choose to focus on is what I can do rather than what I can not do.” The athlete listed all the exercises she did. She wrote: “I can do squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, calf, leg squats and sumo squats! Is that not enough? “

Chhavi Mittal wrote that he had “no reason to complain at all” and added, “Actually I even had my sport on the armpit while there … And my therapist is very proud of me .. . as I am. ” He writes about how his brain power helped him succeed in the task. “What I believe is, you can’t have physical strength without being strong mentally. So while I was eager to take this step today, I gave myself a few minutes to remind myself of my mental strength. After all, you can’t do it without thinking about it, can you? “

Read Chhavi Mittal’s post here:

The actress has also shared fitness videos from her home:

The actress has been sharing encouraging posts on her Instagram profile. In this post, the actress writes about “healing” from within and does not judge others.

Chhavi Mittal is best known for his roles in such shows Tumhari Satellite we had Ek Chutki Aasma. It has also been featured in shows such as we had Bahraini young man. He also starred alongside Isha Koppikar and Sonu Sood in the film Ek Vivaah … Aisa Bhi.

Chhavi Mittal is married to author Mohit Hussein, with whom he relates Shitty Ideas Trending. The actress is the mother of two children – a son named Arham and a daughter Areeza.

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