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Center invites bids to develop vaccines -by Ecork

New Delhi:

The agency has asked vaccine makers to develop a vaccine for Monkeypox, several cases of which have occurred in the country. Diagnostic kit manufacturers have been asked to develop diagnostic kits for the disease. The Indian Council of Medical Research has asked for bids from both and says it wants to make available a strain of the monkeypox virus.

A candidate vaccine and research kit can be developed under the Private-Private Partnership and the last date for submission of “Expressions of Interest” will be August 10, ICMR said.

So far, four cases of Monkeypox have emerged in India – three from Kerala and one from Delhi.

More than 18,000 confirmed cases have been reported in 78 countries, the World Health Organization has said. Over 70 percent of the cases came from the European region, and 25 percent from the United States.

But there are many vaccine candidates.

A company – Bavarian Nordic based in Denmark – has developed a vaccine for Monkeypox, but there is no efficacy data.

Yesterday, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at the World Health Organization, told NDTV that there is a need to scale production.

“Bavarian Nordic has 16 million doses, which is part of the US stockpile. The US has donated some of those doses to some other countries,” he said.

He pointed out that not only Indian companies can be involved in the bottling, marketing and distribution of the existing vaccine, but “we need to find out if we can … transfer the technology and start production in other places,” he said.

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