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Cat Makes Daring Jump off Balcony to Chase Another on the Ground

The Internet is a happy place. Every now and then, we come across a lot of posts and videos that make us wonder. The video of the beast captures the vibe of the night for their opposition and unparalleled behavior. Now, another type of video has surfaced on social media in which a cat is making a dangerous stunt, and the clip will let her cheeks fall.

An Instagram page dedicated to cats videos showed a cat video recently in which he jumped from the balcony to catch another cat. The video shared by the page ‘mew cats everyone’ starts with a feline named Nugget standing on the balcony and peeping through the bars. He looks at the cats in the parking lot. First, Nugget prepares itself by calculating the distance from the ground up to the bottom one. Then, make a long climb to the ground and run after the cat. In anticipation of Nugget’s action, the cat on the ground began to run before the big cat could fly.

During the video sharing, the Instagram page wrote, ‘Good thing Nugget has 9 lives,’ on it. The original video was credited to Instagram user Nik Kitty. The netizens responded in shock as the cat tried to silence this world-dress. However, the cats have a very important understanding and seem to know that nothing will happen to him.

Instagram users left funny comments at the bottom of the video. One user wrote, “It looks like: I am the God of the new world” whereas another Nugget called a legend. One user called the cat an algebra expert as it was well calculated before the fall.

This is not the first time we are looking for amazing cat videos. Previously, the page posted a cute and surprising video of a cat matching a small glass jar. When you look at the jar, one would first think that the cat would not get into it, but the cats did something that one could not think of.

In posting the video, the title of the page was titled, “Real evidence that cats are wet.”

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