Canadian Grand Prix: Fernando Alonso Fast forward, Charles Leclerc To Begin to Return from the Grid -by Ecork

Fernando Alonso turned the years around on Saturday when he missed the seasons for the Alpine in the winter and the full-time event for the third training session for the Grand Prix Canadian Sunday. The 40-year-old Spaniard, a two-time world champion in 2005 and 2006, had the best time for one minute and 33.826 seconds on ‘intermediate’ tires, seconded by Pierre Gasly Tauri, just 0.053 seconds, including four. -season champion Sebastian Vettel of Aston Martin third, 0.055 seconds pace. For Alonso, it was a scintillating performance in treacherous locations on the demanding and fast circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

He will unveil his first rookie position from the 2012 German Grand Prix later Saturday in what is expected to be the most difficult weather conditions ever.

His Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon is fourth, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo and his McLaren teammates Lando Norris, George Russell of Mercedes and Red Bulls of Sergio Perez and world champion and series director Max Verstappen.

Carlos Sainz was 10th for Ferrari while teammate Charles Leclerc did not train due to many drivers on outdoor trips with Verstappen.

Sainz set the pace for most of the season on fully cooled tires after others including Kevin Magnussen of Haas, Vettel and Valtteri Bottas of Alfa Romeo had a good time.

After heavy overnight rains, the season began in cool and cold conditions, Kevin Magnussen of Haas and Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas venturing out first on full wet tires.

They were recently followed by two Ferraris and Mick Schumacher. He did well to manage a lurid mood in his Haas as he sought more knowledge about the music, on his first visit to Montreal as a driver.

Leclerc reflection

Meanwhile, he confirmed that Leclerc would start from the back of the list after Ferrari chose to replace his powerhouse, a move to add to his frustration at the FIA’s decision to intervene on ‘porpoising’.

Leclerc have had two machine failures in the last three races and have used the defensive share of the machine, meaning it is now possible to suffer more penalties later in the season.

“It’s the best decision we can make,” said Leclerc, whose teammate Sainz will also receive a new machine, but without punishment.

Referring to the controversy over ‘porpoising’, he added: “We have worked hard to overcome these issues.

“Our progress has increased and now it works. Do we just put it in the box because maybe there is one group that is struggling more than the others?

“It’s my view – I obviously understand it’s a lot worse on Mercedes, but I think maybe there are corrections for this.”

Leclerc expressed his sympathy for Hamilton and Russell, adding that it was “too bad” to see them in pain as they climbed out of their cars in Baku.


But, more importantly, he agrees with Verstappen title rivals that Red Bull and Ferrari have done their part to solve their bouncing problems and the event of ‘porpoising’ that comes with the new ‘ground effect’ formula this year.

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